Favorite artist

I have a lot of favorite artist, but the one that LOVE the most is Ed Sheeran. Yea if your a fan of his you know why I love him.. You can see his so talented and really good with expressing him self thru music.. not all people know how to write songs that really comes from the heart.

If your not a fan or didn’t hear any of his song yet your loosing a lot, I suggest that you listen to it now.. you can start listening to Lego House, U.N.I  and Give Me Love..

"Never expect, never assume, never ask and never demand. Just let it be. If it’s meant to be, it will be.. If not, accept it."

“I want you to get everything you’re looking for”


I was always under the impression that Elena’s love for Stefan happened too soon. It almost felt like he compelled her to fall in love with him. I was joking when I said that, but, as we see in the season3 finale, it was Damon. He compelled her to find what she wanted from life, from a relationship, from love. Yes, I believe what she feels for Stefan is genuine, I am not saying she loves him because of a compulsion, but my suspicion behind Stefan/Elena was right in a way. While I will always say that Stefan’s approach with Elena was all kind of wrong, what caught my attention was Elena and how she looked at him, as if he was some kind of god. I don’t believe in love at first sight, I don’t think S/E can fit into this category, he definitely had time to watch her from afar, for months. But now, I am having second thoughts, because it was infatuation at first sight, for Elena and we know why. Stefan represented everything she needed after her parents died. Something new, not tied to her old life. Someone who didn’t know the old Elena. A fresh start. Now, I think we should just deal with this and move on. Elena chose Stefan. But did she, really? I’ll get to that right behind the cut.

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Lovable as ever.. Heath Ledger..

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"I know you want to stop it. Protect her from it. But you’re young. You don’t see what I see. It’s not just that she makes him a better person. She does, but, he changes her too. Damon challenges her, surprises her. He makes her question her life, beliefs. Stefan is different. His love is pure and he’ll always be good for her. Damon is either the best thing for her or the worst."

— Rose to Jeremy, 3.19 (via thevampirediaries)

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the thing about Damon

Matt: and Damon?..

Elena: Damon just sort of snuck up on me.. about under my skin and no matter what I do, I just.. can’t shake him..

Matt: Once you fall in love with someone I don’t know if you can never shake him..


I don’t know but I think Matt can sense that Elena’s really into Damon, she just don’t realize it. :D


The thing with Stefan..

Matt: I just don’t get it, the thing with them

Elena: I know, it doesn’t make sense..

but at the beginning, after my parent’s died. there’s something about being with Stefan that just felt safe.

Matt: safe?! Elena his a vampire

Elena: I know, believe me just saying it out loud sounds crazy but..

just like I knew that he would never…

Matt: what?

Elena: Die..

that he would never die..

"When it’s real you can’t walk away" aka my thoughts about Elena after 3x14 and 3x15


So, Anya sent me this:

Anyway, what are your thoughts on Elena in 3x15? I found it highly OOC when she told Damon “to get over it” especially because Elijah said that compassion was her strength and she is supposed to be in love with Damon so it just doesn’t make sense.

So here we go:


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This is the facts! :) Go Team DAMON!